Thursday, September 6, 2012

When it Rains it Pours

My husband and I have been putting up with the furniture in our family room. The couch and chairs were comfortable and we were able to seat seven people if need be. However, the material on these pieces of furniture were in sorry shape. We even had one guest refuse to sit on the couch and preferred to sit on the floor instead. Well, really! It wasn't that bad!

So we initially thought about having them reupholstered, since the frames were structurally sound. But we decided that this presented more problems and would cost less to just replace them. Our next "fix" was to purchase a cover for the couch and to flip the cushion on the settee. The settee looked reasonably good, but the cover, although nice when it was first wrestled onto the couch, soon looked wrinkled and never stayed where it was supposed to be.

My husband must have gotten tired of hearing my complaints because he suggested that we look for replacements. He was hoping to get a recliner/rocker for himself, so I think that inclined him in the right direction. So with sales ad in hand we eagerly went to a local store. The recliners were in the back so it took us a while to get there. We were decidedly distracted by the couches and loveseats. It didn't help either that a friendly salesman dogged our every step. We finally decided on the perfect recliner/rocker. But what color? Of course that would depend on the color of the other pieces of furniture in the room. Maybe we should look again at those couches and loveseats. Before we knew it we had purchased a couch, a loveseat, a recliner/rocker, and a cheval mirror (that was for me!). It was tough to spend that kind of money, but we did need the furniture and the sale prices were very good.

Two days later I went to do some vacuuming. But when I plugged in the vacuum the light overhead popped and the vacuum wouldn't turn on. It appeared that a circuit had been blown.  I checked the circuit breakers and found them to be fine. Oh, no, was our freezer on this circuit? I wasn't sure, but our computer and router were. With a son in college classes, I panicked. This situation needed to be corrected immediately. My husband found an electrician who was able to come out the next day. As it turned out a GSF switch had a short in it and simply needed to be replaced. Whew! The cost was a "small" owie.

You can imagine my chagrin when I woke up the next morning, went to take a shower, and heard a dripping noise. I walked into our mechanical room to find water all over the floor and a fast drip coming from a pipe overhead. Thankfully, there is a floor drain within a couple of feet so most of the water was due to splashing. Still, it was not a pleasant sight. Again, my husband was able to find someone to come out that same day to fix the pin hole sized leak and a faulty valve. For one hour's work the cost of this repair was a much "larger" owie.

God, are you still working on my trust issues? I realize that I can worry about money. But, I really did learn this summer that God was trustworthy (see prior post "Our Surprising God"). So as I wrote out the check for the plumber I thanked God that I was able to pay for the job. I affirmed that I was going to fully trust in God's provision, and also prayed that there would be a lull in required repairs.

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