Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Never Ending Winter

The crash of thunder and a cat flying out of my bedroom woke me this morning. With high hopes, I went to the window desiring to see bare grass and rain, rather than the snow that was predicted. But my eye was met with a white wonderland of falling snowflakes and a snow covered lawn and driveway. Where is spring?

Online there are many expressing the same feelings of frustration and impatience. Punxatawney Phil (the groundhog) has even been indicted for falsely predicting an early spring. I've also seen an image of him lying on the ground with a gun next to him, obviously dead from the remorse he's felt over his error.

As we sigh and realize that there's not much to be done about the never ending winter we're experiencing this year, we still can look at the calendar and know that this cannot last really forever. In just a couple of months our a/c's will be running at full blast and we'll be trying to imagine what that cold snow was like.

This is life, and our winter is just a small glimpse of a larger panorama that encompasses all our life experiences. There are good times and bad. We look forward to wonderful events and we dread the unknowns. We laugh. We cry.

But there is God! When we belong to Him, He holds our lives in His hands. Nothing happens without His knowledge and nothing happens that He didn't allow. We can trust Him to take us through life and bring us safely to eternity's doors.

Have you repented of your sins and turned to God, trusting in Yeshua's righteousness, which is  available because of Yeshua's death and resurrection? If so, you will overcome the never ending winter and will find an eternal life with Yeshua. If not, there will never be an end to life's winter. Please repent today!


  1. Amen. Repentance is the key to salvation and eternal life.


    1. Thank you and blessings Kingdom Worker! Your encouragement means so much!